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Providing natures spring water for generations to come.

The board would like to thank ALL the current and past volunteers for their generous time, efforts and gifts over the years. Without volunteers, Bonita Creek and the water company, would not be what it is today.

2024 will provide the water company with a new board.  These folks with be in charge of water company daily operations, repairs and improvements moving forward.  We look forward to welcoming them and providing our continued volunteer support.

Our goal, as the current board, is to provide a water company, through continued volunteer help, that will outlive us and continue to be a success in providing our patrons with natures purified resource for decades to come.   We should all be very proud of what was, is and will be accomplished through everyones continued efforts. Through these efforts, we continue to build on that foundation to make Bonita Creek an even better place to call home.  Thank You!

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