Working Toward Conserving

Please don't use drinking water to water your yard.  The amount of cost, man power and facility maintenance it takes to make one gallon of drinking water is overwhelming. We have created this page in hopes to help educate our residents and alleviate some of the stresses of the Bonita Creek Water System. By capturing as much rainfall as possible from buildings and structures, we can use that water to irrigate landscaping during dry times and prevent erosion during times of high precipitation. By using rainwater for washing laundry, flushing toilets and pressure washing houses and vehicles, we can further contribute to water conservation by limiting the use of drinking water and reducing the energy used to pump that water from the municipal supply. The combination of these effects can greatly contribute to the conservation of our most precious natural resource - water.

Small containment system Click Photo for YouTube video

Click photo for YouTube video

(as shown in video)
Video is a tutorial on how to install a
small above ground catchment system

Where Do I Start?

Before you set up a water catchment system, think about these questions;

What will the water be used for?    Options to expand the system?
How much rain can be collected?   Where will the tank overflow go?
Where can the containers be located?   Above or below ground?

Can the containers serve several purposes where they are located such as shading a garden, providing a windbreak or as the edge of a structure?

Do I need to hide the containers for aesthetic purposes or neighborhood restrictions?

How will the water get from the roof to the container and to the end use area?

Will the system be gravity fed, or will it need a pump?

For more information on these questions CLICK HERE  

Large containment system Click Photo for YouTube video

Click Photo for YouTube video

The above large full home system was a cost of roughly $14,000 and holds roughly 10,000g of water. Labor not included. As of 3/2023

Complete entry level systems run about $2,500 - $3,500

Average roof area is approximately 1000 SF
1" of rain on this size roof will produce 600+g of water

Payson averages 22" of rain a year, thats 13,500+g annually
or 1,100+g/month or 36g/day. (plus snow)

Average usage for a home in Bonita Creek with 2.4 people, 6 months out of the year is roughly 1,500 gallons per month.  For this example, that's  9,000 gallons of water a year.  


Rain Catch Companies Offering Complete Systems