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Providing natures spring water for generations to come.

The board would like to thank ALL the current and past volunteers for their generous time, efforts and gifts over the years. Without volunteers, Bonita Creek and the water company, would not be what it is today.

2022 is another big year for the water company and still going.  We are in hopes that this year, or possibly 2023,  we will be able to complete our water infrastructure plan and have a water system that will provide an ease of use, efficiency and reliability  for decades to come.

Our goal, as the current board, is to provide a water company, through continued volunteer help, that will outlive us and continue to be a success in providing our patrons with natures purified resource for decades to come.   We should all be very proud of what was, is and will be accomplished through everyones continued efforts. Through these efforts, we continue to build on that foundation to make Bonita Creek an even better place to call home.  Thank You!

2022 Board Projects

January 2022

~ Working with ADWR and SRP 
~ Ongoing testing with DHC. We remain below fed standards.
~ Secured new CPA for Water Company

February 2022

~ Continue working with WIFA to secure loan for water company line and valve improvements. 
~ Zoom Meeting 2/28 with ADWR & SRP

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

~Met with Engineering & Construction Company for quotes to WIFA.
~Working with ACC & WIFA on Water Company improvemtents.
~ Ken Nagy retiring end of 2022.  

June 2022

~ Board conference call with WIFA
Engineer and Contractor

July 2022

~ Zoom meeting with WIFA 
~ Pump House Automation Completed 
HI-Gain 4G antenna installed 

August 2022

~ Zoom meeting with ACC
~ Email to ADWR regarding intake improvement
~  ADWR information request on intake
~ Response letter to ADWR regarding intake

September 2022

~ Annual BCWC meeting, 3rd
~ RWIC Zoom Meeting for WIFA Loan
~ Con Call RCAC for BCWC Survey
~ADWR Intake Rebuild Approval
~ Sand Filter, ADEQ Submittal

October 2022

~ ADEQ sand filter replacement approval
~New 60+ year sand filter ordered
~ All BCWC documents are now digital
~ New Firehouse refrigerator
(resident donation)

November 2022

~ Community survey for funding

December 2022